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After the Moon: Psychic First-Aid for Extreme Lunar Intensity

Are you feeling anxious? Spaced-out? Overwhelmed? The recent Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra was intense. Even days after a full Moon, many people are still struggling to find their footing again. If this sounds like you, here are a few simple techniques you can try to find relief from this full Moon... read more »

Vedic moon forecast 120x90
2014 Vedic Moon Sign Forecast

The Moon in Vedic astrology represents your mind and ... read more »

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Lunar forecast 120x90
Lunar Forecast

Use the powerful Moon energy to your advantage with ... read more »

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2010 love forecast promo
2014 Love Forecast

Rev up your romance, discover your sensual strengths, ... read more »

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The Moon and Your Mood: Planning April by the Moon

The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing sign and phase provide clues to the cosmic mood. If you can tune in to the Moon, you can easily align your actions with celestial possibilities. Here’s your Moon planning guide for April! April 1–2, Taurus Moon The Earth energy of the Taurus Moon will balance the fiery Aries Sun. This can be a productive period, especially if you take the lead. A little luxury with food, wine and pampering would be ideal. April 3-5, Gemini Moon This... read more »

The Moon: Ruler of the Emotions

The Moon: Ruler of the Emotions Since the Moon is the closest 'Planet' to Earth, this satellite literally zips around the zodiac,... read more »

Moon: Goddess

The most visible symbol of feminine energy in the solar system is the Moon. Because it reflects the light from the Sun, the pale... read more »

Folk Names for Full Moons

Once upon a time, humanity kept time by the phases of the Moon. "Month" even comes from the word "Moon". Full... read more »

How Moon Phases Affect Us

Every month, we watch that gorgeous lunar orb in the night sky grow and shrink, depending on where it is in its ever-changing... read more »

Void-of-Course Moon -- Explained

The traditional planets -- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn -- have a very important thing in common: they're all... read more »

More On Moon Phases & Eclipses

The Moon has always been a mystery to us. We watch it change shape and appear in the sky in a different position each night.... read more »


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Aquarius moon

Psychic development is not usually required for Pisces, as you're extremely tuned in to the cosmos. Psychic un-development is more like it! Your challenge is to turn the tsunami wave of information coming through you into a manageable river. When you create boundaries and ground your energies, you refine your natural talents and feel much less overwhelmed.

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